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American Circuit Breaker Manufacturers Association


The ACBMA is dedicated to advancing the understanding and use of circuit breakers to promote electrical safety. Specific purposes of the association include:

  1. To identify and discuss common industry issues
  2. To represent and promote the interests of American manufacturers of circuit breakers (as currently defined by UL 489)
  3. To educate members of the American circuit breaker industry
  4. To promote consumer safety and educate consumers as to the features and benefits of circuit breakers
  5. To serve as an information clearinghouse and provide a medium for exchange of experiences, and common interests
  6. To present industry views to governmental and standard-setting entities
  7. To conduct research
  8. To assist in the training, education and professional development of all persons involved in the circuit breaker industry
  9. To act consistently with its nonprofit tax-exempt status and to observe the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and regulations, including those in antitrust and trade regulation areas